Professor Freeman is an expert on energy law and has written about the intersection of U.S. energy law and environmental law as it relates to climate change. Her landmark co-edited volume, Global Climate Change and U.S. Law, includes chapters on federal, state law and local law related to energy demand, energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas regulation, and the clean energy transition. The volume is a key resource for students, government officials, law firms, and the public. In the Obama White House, Freeman worked to promote renewable energy projects, reduce carbon pollution from transportation, power generation and oil and gas production; cut energy demand through greater energy efficiency; and regulate greenhouse gases. Her scholarship on energy law includes an article in Energy Law Journal refuting erroneous claims by proponents of traditional fossil energy sources, correcting the record on the science of climate change and other historical features of the energy sector, and arguing for the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and shift to clean energy.

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