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Articles & Papers


The Uncomfortable Convergence of Energy and Environmental Law

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A Critical Look at "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels"

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Why I Worry About UARG

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Climate Regulation Under the Clean Air Act in the Wake of Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA

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Old Statutes, New Problems

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Network Federalism

Jody Freeman. Posted 20 Nov 2013


Agency Coordination in Shared Regulatory Space 

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Climate and Energy Policy in the Obama Administration

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The Obama Administration’s National Auto Policy: Lessons from the "Car Deal"

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Climate Change and U.S. Interests: Reply to Responses

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Sea Walls are Not Enough: Climate Change and U.S. Interests

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Climate Change and U.S. Interests

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Massachusetts v. EPA: From Politics to Expertise 

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Public Agencies as Lobbyists

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Modular Environmental Regulation

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The Congressional Competition for Control of Delegated Power

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Regulatory Negotiation and the Legitimacy Benefit

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The Contracting State

Jody Freeman. Florida State University Law Review, Volume 28


Collaborative Government in the Administrative State

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