20 May 2018

Tips for Law and Life: Professor Freeman reveals to the Harvard Law School Class of 2018 her tips for law and life as part of the Last Lecture Series

Dec 2016

Video interview with Professor Freeman on the potential impact of a Trump presidency on climate and energy policy

28 Sep 2016

Clean Power Plan: Harvard’s Lazarus and Freeman discuss marathon day of arguments, talk outcomes and next steps for rule


13 Sep 2016

Debate on Climate Change: The EPA Has Gone Overboard

1 Oct 2015

HUCE Special Lecture: “Will the Courts Strike Down the President’s Clean Power Plan?”

20 April 2015

Harvard Law's Lazarus and Freeman discuss federal court power plan hearing, Tribe arguments



Harvard Law’s Freeman and Lazarus discuss the Supreme Court’s Environmental Law and Energy Cases from the 2014 and 2015 terms

12 Feb 2013

Host Peter Sagal interviews Jody Freeman on the PBS show, "Constitution USA" 
View the full episode here

10 Aug 2010

Harvard Law's Jody Freeman urges coordination of agencies in shared regulatory spaces




20 Dec 2016

What Will Trump's Cabinet Picks Mean for the Environment?

Knowledge@Wharton interview

14 Sep 2016

Climate Change: The EPA Has Gone Overboard

WNYC podcast

2 Dec 2014

Global Leaders Confront Climate Change at Home and Abroad

WNYC interview

22 May 2014

Air Pollution, EPA Rules, and the National Climate Assessment

WHYY Public Radio interview

25 June 2013

Discussing Obama's Climate Change Agenda

"To the Point," Public Radio International

16 June 2010

Discussing the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Obama presidency

"To the Point," Public Radio International

02 Aug 2018

Trump Rules for More Pollution and Higher Fuel Costs

Background Briefing with Ian Masters, KPFK Los Angeles

June 2018

Leading Questions: Jody Freeman on energy policies for law and life

Evelyn and Hannah of The Harvard Law Record’s “Leading Questions” podcast talk to Professor Freeman about her career in academia and government, being at the forefront of environmental law and policy development, and cooking magazines.

20 May 2018

Be Our Guest

In this Harvard Law School podcast, Professor Freeman discusses her career and life.

22 May 2017

Ignition with Howard Green, Episode 28

20 Jan 2017

Inauguration day conversation on Trump’s threatened rollbacks

Public Radio International interview

5 Jan 2017

Climate Cast: Renewable energy under Trump

MPR News Interview